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    The first development lab in the implemented system of the university website, CMS can be considered as sites of institutions (faculties) and the Departments of ONPU, which was created in conjunction with the students of the Institute of Computer Systems in 2009.

     In the operation of the site ONPU, functioning on the basis of a CMS, and web sites of institutions (faculties) and the departments that operate on the basis of the second CMS, guidance department and laboratories are increasingly convinced of the need for a new CMS, which meets the requirements of the structure, design and functionality of modern sites.

     As a result of painstaking research in the middle of 2011 was, in our opinion, to develop a new website of the University, which is based on a proprietary CMS. In the present state - a system with a static-filled content. According to the plans of the laboratory in 2012 is planned to develop a system with dynamic content Content that facilitates technical support and accelerate the updating of information.


16 january 2018

Open Doors Day

Open Doors Day is held every weekday from 13.30 to 15.00.

4 september 2015

II International Scientific Conference on

"Information technologies and interactions" (IT & I)

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