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Laboratory Web resources

    Laboratory Web resources (formerly the research sector Web Resources) was established in 2009.
The purpose of the laboratory Web resources are:

  • support operation of the site ONPU;
  • conducting research on the analysis of contemporary trends in the development of Internet technologies and the development of effective content management systems (CMS), corresponding to the current trend in this direction;
  • development of new software for the operation of the site ONPU up to date and ongoing analysis of modern Web technology;
  • introduction of modern software and training in the production process through the creation of ONPU reliable and secure exchange of information among students, faculty, staff, management staff.

    Laboratory Web resources is working closely with other laboratories of TTFCT to create a single information space of the university.


16 january 2018

Open Doors Day

Open Doors Day is held every weekday from 13.30 to 15.00.

4 september 2015

II International Scientific Conference on

"Information technologies and interactions" (IT & I)

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