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Information Systems Laboratory

Information Systems Laboratory  (ISL) was founded at  the September of 1995.

ISL is part of Department technical means of training and computer technology of Odesa National Polytechnic University.

Modern stage of the ISL development aims to:

1. Fulfilling the works on creation, deployment, upgrading and maintenance of   system and applied  software in order to the University's administrative management information support:

      - electronic document management system within the University, according to the structural subordination with the existing Information Systems and databases inclusion into a University's unified Information System;
      - a universal system of ONPU's  corporate network users'  authorization and  access rights and audits allocation;
      - employees and students personal data replication into the University's scientific-technical library database.

2. Design, development and maintenance  of the personnel staff and students Automated System named "Personnel":

      - ensuring the security and integrity of data, administration and maintenance of "Personnel" servers;
      - transition to modern programming languages in "Personnel" system's new software modules design and development;
      - personal data protection organization and control.

3. University automated systems' advice and support:

      - coordination of design, development and implementation of automated systems and their interaction with other information systems;     
      - personnel consulting, preparation and training while working in the information systems used at the University;  
      - students and university employees involvement in the IS design, development and implementation.

4. Participation in the basic business plans design for the computer hardware and peripheral equipment  purchasing  for supporting the teaching and administrative services of the University. Coordinates technical support and maintenance of computer equipment.

Contact by phone: +38 048 705-85-62 or via e-mail: mikolyuk@ctc.opu.ua

Head of the Information Systems Laboratory        Mikolyuk Alexey


16 january 2018

Open Doors Day

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4 september 2015

II International Scientific Conference on

"Information technologies and interactions" (IT & I)

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